Frequently Asked Questions

QT Rewards cards are free and available at all Wichita area QuikTrip stores.

For every $2 in qualified merchandise purchased earn one rewards point. For every 2 gallons of qualified fuel purchased earn one rewards point. Each point earned is worth 1 cent off per gallon. (Non-Qualifying Purchases include alcohol, tobacco, lottery, lotto, postage stamps, gift cards, phone cards, money orders, fuel purchased using rewards points, taxes, event tickets and passes, rentals, other service items and any items prohibited by law.).

Visit any QuikTrip store in the Wichita area and follow the directions on the pump. When prompted, insert your QT Rewards card, select "redeem" and the dispenser will automatically reduce the price for the selected fuel and redeem the maximum rewards points allowed.

One year from the date the rewards points are earned.

Due to pump limitations, rewards points can only be used up to the price advertised at the pump, minus 1 cent. Any remaining points will be saved in your account and can be used for future fuel purchases.

You can accumulate rewards points to get a larger savings, however they do expire one year from the time they are earned.

You can purchase up to 20 gallons of fuel with your QT Rewards card.

All available rewards points will be redeemed in a single transaction, except in the event the available rewards points are greater than the price per gallon at the pump - minus 1 cent. In this case, the excess rewards point's balance will be carried forward and remain in your account for future fuel purchases. Excess points from any one fuel purchase are good for one year from the date they are carried forward.